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Kayleigh Haywood film encouraging children to report online grooming says NSPCC

Kayleigh was groomed by a man she'd never met online. Credit: Family Handout

A film showing the final two weeks of murdered schoolgirl Kayleigh Haywood's life has encouraged children to report cases of grooming online.

According to children's charity NSPCC the film, which was released in full this month, has already been watched by millions online.

15-year-old Kayleigh from Measham in Leicestershire was killed by Stephen Beadman in 2015 after being bombarded with messages on social media for around two weeks by 28-year-old Luke Harlow.

The five-minute short called Kayleigh's Love Story - deals with aspects of the last fortnight of her life and warns of the dangers of online grooming.

The five-minute film was made with the support of Kayleigh's parent. Credit: Leicestershire Police

An NSPCC spokesman has said "Kayleigh’s horrific murder was a stark reminder about the risks of social media."

"The fact that viewers are now coming forward to report grooming demonstrates its crucial impact."

“The NSPCC recommends parents talk regularly and openly with their children about spotting, assessing and reporting online threats."

Leicestershire Police have now made the film available to all here.

It's already been screened at schools in Leicestershire and Rutland. Credit: Leicestershire Police