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Save The Alex campaign group says 'Our fight is over'

Protestors marched through the streets in support of the campaign. Credit: ITV News Central

The protest group which has battled to keep services at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch has decided to call it a day.

The Save the Alex Campaign have been urging members of the public to keep fighting for the future of the hospital for the past 11 years.

On a statement on the group's Facebook page, they say that "while their supporters are dedicated and loyal, the wider public are tired of fighting."

The group say there is very little appetite to continue campaigning and chairman Neal Stote says it's now time to get his life back.

"We're very proud of the campaign we have fought. 55,000 people signed our petition to save A&E and maternity. We held the two biggest rallies Redditch has ever seen and have spoken to tens of thousands of people on the street and social media about their local hospital and the changes."

– Save the Alex Campaign Statement
Rain fails to dampen campaigners' spirits. Credit: Andy Bevan

They feel they've "exhausted all other options" to bring about change and that "continuing would do more harm than good."

They believe they've argued their case at the highest levels, as well as having had the backing of three local authorities, but it hasn't helped achieve the result they wanted.

The original reason for starting the campaign, which was to reject any idea of the maternity and accident and emergency being downgraded, they say has now gone.

Their social media page will continue and certain individuals say they they will attend public meetings but there will be no more "active or organised campaigning."

That doesn't mean that the Alex no longer needs saving - it does. Now more than ever.

– Save the Alex Campaign Statement
The Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. Credit: PA Images