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Worcestershire is the hospital we're most worried about

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told ITV News that Worcestershire Royal "Is the hospital the department are most worried about" amid an NHS winter crisis. In an interview he said:

"Worcestershire is the hospital we are most worried about of all, because what happened there was very serious, the hospital is in special measures, the Chief Executive has gone, and another from Australia is due to start, but that is a hospital that has very very serious problems but I just think it's wrong for people watching this programme to think that this is a generalised picture because actually what's happening in most hospitals is that pressure is extreme, they have never worked harder, they are doing an incredible job but actually they are managing to cope despite this extreme issue."

– Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Asked by our correspondent whether he agreed with comments made by the British Red Cross that the country's hospitals were now in a humanitarian criss, he said:

"I don't agree with them using those words and nor do a lot of other independent people but nor would I disagree with people that say there are some very serious problems in particular hospitals which we are working very hard to address."

– Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Jeremy Hunt has denied the NHS is facing a humanitarian crisis, saying "very serious problems" had been limited to "one or two hospitals".

The crisis description from the Red Cross came as two patients died last week in the same A&E department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital after awaiting treatment on trolleys, with one waiting for 35 hours.

Hunt will update MPs on the situation in the NHS in Parliament later today, as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had requested.

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