University praised after agreeing to introduce gender neutral toilets

The University of Warwick is to introduce gender neutral toilets across its campus in 2017.

The further education establishment, situated in Gibbet Hill Road, says it will implement gender neutral toilets in all new buildings.

According to Warwick University, sites have been confirmed for the conversion of single occupancy toilets into gender neutral ones.

The move follows lengthy campaigns from liberation societies at the University.

Last year, Warwick Pride - a charity set up to promote diversity and raise awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, set up a petition for the introduction of gender neutral toilets at the University.

It received a backing of over 600 signatures.

Ryan Girard, Warwick anti-sexism’s transgender representative, told the university’s newspaper The Boar:

Sara Boiten, co-president of Warwick Pride and current chairman of the welfare exec, added: