Birmingham universities unite in plea to Theresa May over Brexit concerns

Universities unite over Brexit Credit: ITV News Central

The heads of three of Birmingham's biggest student unions have urged Theresa May to listen to students' concerns when it comes to Brexit, in the wake of yesterday's speech about Britain's future.

Student union presidents from at Birmingham City University, Aston University and University of Birmingham have outlined the concerns of the 70,000 students they represent regarding Brexit.

The 'Birmingham Students Brexit Manifesto' will be sent to the Prime Minister, the Brexit Secretary, the Higher Education Minister and all Birmingham MPs.

The main concerns outlined by students include:

  • community cohesion

  • the right for EU citizens to live and work in the UK

  • the preservation of the Erasmus Scheme allowing students to work abroad

  • the ring-fencing of £836million research funding (equivalent to that attracted from the EU)

  • the protection of apprenticeships for Birmingham’s young people.

Students want an international experience Credit: PA

Education is just as important and Brexit will have a large effect on it and the millions of people involved. Yes ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ but what does it mean for the future of our Education?

Ahmed Hassan, President at Aston University:

Theresa May’s Brexit speech did not address the impact that the Brexit deal will have on our young people and we need to bring both further education and higher education students back into the discussion.

Jo Goodman, President of the Birmingham City Students’ Union

Birmingham is one of the youngest cities in Europe, with over 40% of our population currently under 25. Without the voices of young people being heard in the coming months, we believe that Brexit could be a disaster...

Ellie Keiller, President at University of Birmingham,