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Appeal to save 'broken-hearted' terrier in need of urgent surgery

Molly the Terrier Photo: RSPCA

An animal charity in Coventry has launched an appeal to save a 'broken-hearted' dog who is in urgent need of a pacemaker.

Terrier-cross Molly has been cared for by the RSPCA since May last year as her previous owner did not look after her properly. She has a heart condition which slows down her heart rate and needs a pacemaker, which costs £2,500, to live.

Molly with her toys Credit: RSPCA

On the day she was being neutered we had a phone call from the vet - Molly’s heart rate had plummeted dangerously slow.

Molly was diagnosed with third degree heart block and requires a pacemaker.

Currently Molly's heart is beating too slow and if she doesn't have the pacemaker fitted her heart will become worse and will lessen her life span.

We are appealing for people to help us in our appeal to fundraise for this so we can mend Molly’s broken heart.

– Danni Holder, RSPCA