Poor mental health costs £3,000 per person

A study has estimated the financial impact of poor mental health in the West Midlands region.

A joint report between the University of Birmingham and the Centre For Mental Health found it could cost more than £12 billion per year.

That includes nearly £2 billion a year as a direct cost to the NHS. That works out at around £3000 for every person living in the area.

The study was commissioned by the West Midlands Mental Health Commission, a task force set up by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), to assess the current costs of mental ill health and current service provision across the region.

As well as the significant financial impact of poor mental health identified in the study, other key findings include:

  • Nearly one in four adults (23.8%) in the region are experiencing mental health problems at any given time.

  • There are strong links between mental health and socio-economic conditions. For example, women living in the poorest households are nearly three times as likely as men living in the most well-off households to be diagnosed with a common mental health problem.

Norman Lamb MP Credit: PA

This plan outlines a series of actions that will be taken forward by a range of organisations and partners in the region, who will work together to drive better mental health and wellbeing.

Chair of the WM Mental Health Commission, the Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, says: