Lorry blocked tram line for five hours after taking wrong turn

It has been revealed that a lorry blocked the Midland Metro track for five hours yesterday in Birmingham.

The HGV took a wrong turn while trying to get to the M6 and ended up stranded on the tram lines.

It meant trams were stopped from running through the city – leaving morning commuters with an unexpected walk to work.

The alarm was raised at 6am yesterday when the lorry was spotted straddling the tracks on the grassed section just outside Snow Hill near St Chad’s.

Despite the early hour, trams were already running and for a short while the entire service was suspended whilst Midland Metro engineers were called out to inspect the abandoned lorry.

Photo of lorry on Midland Metro track in Birmingham Credit: BPM media

A spokesman for Midland Metro said:

Trams running from Wolverhampton terminated at St Paul’s, with passengers having to get off and walk to the Snow Hill and Grand Central stops.

Eventually at around 11am a recovery truck moved the lorry. The driver was also located and was overheard asking Midland Metro staff how he could get to the M6.

A Midland Metro spokesman said the driver would also be interviewed by police.

The spokesman added that, because of the damage left by the lorry and recovery truck, they had been unable to give a time when the trams would run again on that section.

The incident is the third since the city centre extension was opened just over a year ago.