Which Midlands MPs voted against the Brexit Bill?

The House of Commons last night Credit: PA

The Government's Brexit Bill was given the go-ahead last night, as Parliament voted overwhelmingly to pass it after two days of debate.

Overall, 498 MPs voted for it, with 114 MPs voting against, meaning it passed with a majority of 384.

The fact the bill passed means Prime Minster Theresa May has permission to trigger Article 50, to begin the formal talks and start the process of leaving the European Union.

In the Midlands, four MPs voted against the Government and against their parties' whips.

  • Ken Clarke MP

The MP for Rushcliffe, gave a passionate speech explaining why he was going to vote against the bill. He cited how his constituency voted to remain in the referendum, so he would honour that vote. He was the only Conservative MP to vote against the Government.

  • Lillian Greenwood MP

Lillian Greenwood defied her party leader's three-line-whip Credit: PA

The Labour MP for Nottingham South voted against the bill, and against the Labour Party's three-line-whip. Her constituency voted to leave in the referendum too. But she tweeted before the vote last night to say she could not vote for the Tories' Brexit plan, and would continue to fights for her constituents' rights.

  • Graham Allen MP

Graham Allen's constituency voted to leave the EU in last year's referendum Credit: PA

The Labour Member for Nottingham North also went against how his constituency voted in the referendum. He said he voted against the Brexit Bill because his job was not to help the Tory 'hard right', but to secure an EU exit which his best for his constituency.

  • Paul Farrelly MP

Paul Farrelly voted against the Brexit Bill last night Credit: PA

The MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme always said he wanted to delay triggering Brexit, so last night's vote against the Government's bill was no real surprise. He said he thought pushing to trigger Article 50 by March was "a reckless gamble with our country's future". 61% of his constituency voted to leave the EU in last summer's referendum, so what will they make of his continued stance?

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