Constituency Profile: Stoke-on-Trent Central

Since the constituency was created in 1950, it has been served by four Labour MPs. Credit: PA


The Stoke-on-Trent Central constituency was created for the 1950 general election during a boundary review. This area had, in succession, two forerunners for the election of MPs, the first of which gained representation in the "Great Reform Act" in 1832. This constituency has returned only Labour MPs to date, with Tristram Hunt being the most recent after winning the seat in 2010, defending it in 2015, before resigning earlier this year.


The constituency has a majority of working class residents and is a wholly urban area. Its history to date initially suggests a safe Labour seat, though it recorded the lowest turnout of any constituency in the 2015 general election.

Stoke Central has the highest unemployment rates of the three Stoke seats, with 6.2% of the electorate registered as unemployment benefit claimants, compared to a national average of 3.8% and regional average of 4.7%.

2015 General Election

Stoke Central had the lowest turn out for any constituency for the 2015 general election. Credit: ITV News Central
  • Tristram Hunt (LAB) - 12,220 votes - 39.3%

  • Mick Harold (UKIP) - 7,041 votes - 22.7%

  • Liam Marshall-Ascough (CON) - 7,008 votes - 22.5%

  • Mark Breeze (IND) - 2,120 votes - 6.8%

  • Zulfiqar Ali (LIB DEM) - 1,296 votes - 4.2%

  • Jan Zablocki (GREEN) - 1,123 votes - 3.6%

  • Ali Majid (CISTA) - 244 votes - 0.8%

  • Paul Toussaint (Ubuntu) - 32 votes - 0.1%

2016 EU Referendum

The referendum is a hot-topic in this by-election, with almost 70% of Stoke residents who voted opting for leave. Credit: ITV News Central

Stoke was famously labelled as the 'Brexit Capital' of the West Midlands, with the city overall voting 69.4% to leave the European Union.

Tristram Hunt resigned from his position as MP last month, opting for a directors role at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Credit: PA

Candidate List:

A full list of candidates contesting the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election on February 23rd.

  • Mohammad Akram - Independent

  • Zulfiqar Ali - Lib Dem

  • Jack Brereton - Conservative

  • The Incredible Flying Brick - Monster Raving Loony Party

  • Adam Colclough - Greens

  • Godfrey Davies - Christian Peoples Party

  • Barbara Fielding - Independent

  • David Furness - BNP

  • Paul Nuttall - UKIP

  • Gareth Snell - Labour