Five Questions - Godfrey Davies - (Christian Peoples Alliance)

Winston Churchill is the man Mr Davies from the Christian Peoples Alliance admires most. Credit: ITV News Central

Godfrey Davies from the Christian Peoples Alliance answers five questions ahead of the Stoke Central by-election.

1. Who do you most admire?Sir Winston Churchill. He’s my big hero! He was God’s appointed man to save Britain and Europe at a time of great crisis when we were threatened by Hitler. We currently face a greater threat, from the European Union. We need another Churchill!

2. Where's your favourite place in Stoke-on-Trent and why?Burslem. This is where John Wesley preached over a thirty year period to 1790. In the words of local historian, Bill Morland, “No other person has had so great an influence on the character of the Potteries as John Wesley.”

3. What will be your top priority if you win the by-election?Fundamental reform of the British banking system. This is impossible. The powers to overcome are too overwhelming. All our problems are related to this issue. It can only be achieved by supernatural means. It can only be done by a Christian party.

4. What is your favourite TV programme?I don’t have one, but my favourite film is Groundhog Day. It’s a very entertaining story with a great ending. There’s a good moral to the story – if you are willing to change, you can overcome a curse.

5. What is your favourite song?Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. It has a lovely melody coupled with a very moving expression on the beauty of forgiveness.

Full list of candidates contesting in the Stoke Central by-election:

  • Mohammad Akram - Independent

  • Zulfiqar Ali - Lib Dem

  • Jack Brereton - Conservative

  • The Incredible Flying Brick - Monster Raving Loony Party

  • Adam Colclough - Greens

  • Godfrey Davies - Christian Peoples Party

  • Barbara Fielding - Independent

  • David Furness - BNP

  • Paul Nuttall - UKIP

  • Gareth Snell - Labour