Families preparing to start legal action against tour operator TUI

Families of some of the 30 British victims of the Tunisia terror attack arepreparing legal action against tour operator TUI, their lawyer has said.

Outside the Royal Courts of Justice, where it was ruled that the victims were "unlawfully killed", lawyer Kylie Hutchinson read out a statement on their behalf.

The families alleged that TUI had failed to ensure adequate security at the five-star Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel where the attack continued to happen.

After the ruling, Scott Chalkley's family said they had been "robbed of a future" with their relative who was "heartlessly snatched from their lives."

Kieran Mitchell, a specialist travel lawyer at Slater and Gordon, who represent the family, said:

"Despite the Bardo terrorist attacks and specific warnings of an increased threat to tourists TUI failed to audit or improve security at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel.

"Hearing of TUI's apparent lack of interest in security and the police'sdisinterest in responding to the massacre, has been extremely painful for MrChalkley's family to hear.

"Had security been properly assessed and had the local police executed their proper duty, perhaps this tragedy would never have happened.

"All Mr Chalkley's family now want is for some semblance of justice so theycan move on with their lives."

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