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What does the Budget 2017 mean for the Midlands?

Professor Isabelle Szmigin, from the University of Birmingham watched the Budget this morning with eyes and ears out for the Midlands.

She says that the Chancellor still seems to be focussing on the Northern Powerhouse - to the detriment of the Midlands Engine. Although she says that the money which is coming our way is to support plans for devolution.

She picked out as particularly interesting the Chancellor's reference to the Sugar Tax.

It's predicted that less money will be made through the tax than first thought, because companies are already reducing the unhealthy ingredients in their products.

But, that money may be recovered from elsewhere, as there'll be less medical costs from the effects of obesity.

Prof Szmigin says going forward there'll be other issues affecting Midlands' household budgets including the exchange rate, and the cost of food, but there aren't likely to be massive financial ripples from the Budget.

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