Plane forced to make emergency stop at Birmingham airport

The plane on the runway Credit: BPM Media

A pilot was force to abort a take-off at the last minute at Birmingham Airport as the plane was preparing to take off.

Passengers said the Monarch flight's front wheels had already lifted off the floor when the plane came to an emergency stop.

It's thought the plane's engine overheated. West Midlands Fire Service were called but no 999 crews attended the scene. It said the alert was dealt with by the airport’s in-house fire team instead.

One traveller aboard the 7am service to Malaga said a "deathly silence" fell on the plane.

The plane on the runway Credit: BPM Media
Credit: BPM Media

Passengers were put on a different aircraft to continue their journey.

Clive Shotton, from Droitwich, said he travelled by plane at least once a month but had never previously experienced an emergency stop.

Monarch Airlines and Birmingham Airport have been approached for a comment.