Coventry Cit Council secures £7.6 million EU funding for jobseekers

Coventry City Council have secured £7.6 million of EU funding to help jobseekers Credit: Coventry City Council

Thousands of Coventry residents are set to benefit from £7.6m of European Social Funding to support them into work, education or training.

Three schemes will run in Coventry between now and December 2019 and each one will support targeted groups of people in the city.

  • The Council’s Employment Support Service will also be enabled to continue helping some of the city’s most vulnerable people into employment up to December 2019 as part of the ConnectMe programme, which has been awarded £2.5 million. The programme will be made up of nine partner organisations and support at least 909 unemployed residents.

  • Routes to Ambition has been awarded £2.5 million, and will work with young people aged 15-24 that are either disengaged, at risk of exclusion or facing major barriers to employment due to factors such as their health and disability.

  • Exceed in Coventry, a consortium of five partner organisations, will help long term unemployed and inactive people, including those who are not in receipt of benefits, to gain sustainable employment. The scheme is set to help at least 1300 people in the city. A range of packages of personalised support focusing on specific interventions will be delivered.