Polish grandma attacked by schoolgirls who 'mocked her English'

Perry Beeches II School Credit: BPM

Police are investigating claims a group of teenage schoolgirls attacked a Polish woman in Birmingham city centre – after she asked to pass by with her two young grandchildren.

The alleged victim’s daughter claimed she was knocked to the ground by up to four girls from Perry Beeches II School after they mocked her level of English.

Marta Alladaye said her 56-year-old mother, Danuta Podwysocka, was verbally and physically abused in view of her granddaughters, aged six and three. The 27-year-old said:

Marta said people were seen filming the altercation and some had already come forward.

It is understood that at least one sent a statement to the school, along with images of the alleged attackers.

West Midlands Police confirmed officers had received a complaint from Mrs Podwysocka over the alleged incident, said to have happened at the junction of Newhall Street and Lionel Street on Tuesday (4 April).

Acting chief executive officer Paul Wheeler said in a statement: