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A second Great Spot discovered on Jupiter

A second Great Spot found on Jupiter Credit: University of Leicester

A second Great Spot has been discovered on Jupiter by University of Leicester astronomers, rivalling the scale of the planet’s famous Great Red Spot.

Being dubbed the Great Cold Spot it's said to be more volatile than the Great Red Spot and is over 24, 000 kilometres long.

This rivals the discovery of the Great Red Spot Credit: University of Leicester

“This is the first time any weather feature in Jupiter's upper atmosphere has been observed away from the planet's bright aurorae.

“The Great Cold Spot is much more volatile than the slowly changing Great Red Spot, changing dramatically in shape and size over only a few days and weeks, but it has re-appeared for as long as we have data to search for it, for over 15 years. That suggests that it continually reforms itself, and as a result it might be as old as the aurorae that form it - perhaps many thousands of years old.”

– Dr Tom Stallard, Associate Professor in Planetary Astronomy and lead author of the study