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'We will fight': Gisela Stuart gives full backing to Labour candidate after stepping down

Gisela Stuart will not contest her seat in the June election. Photo: PA

MP Gisela Stuart has said the next Labour candidate for Birmingham Edgbaston will have her 'full backing'.

The Labour MP announced she will not contest her seat at the General Election in June, but insists the party will 'fight' like they 'always do'.

She described her marginal seat - which she has held for 20 years - as 'wonderful', but said the shock snap election meant it was time for her to step down.

The Labour MP has held the seat for 20 years. Credit: PA

Together we have done amazing things; things we never expected when I became the first 'Labour gain' of the Labour 1997 landslide.

We won local battles, brought people together, challenged established assumptions about voters and won elections against Tories that we didn't think were possible. But together we did it.

Whomever is selected as the Labour candidate will have my full backing. We will fight, as we always do, for every Labour vote.

– Gisela Stuart, MP

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