A prolific pick-pocket who targeted elderly passengers on public transport has been jailed.

Daniel Glowacki, from Terry Street in Dudley, admitted eight offences of theft and was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

One of his victims, an 88-year-old woman, was waiting to get off the bus when Glowacki is said to have shoved past and put his arm around her in a bid to confuse the lady while dipping into her purse.

In another incident, Glowacki is reported to have pushed into a 74-year-old man as he stood to get off a bus. He used the physical contact as a distraction to swipe his wallet.

The victim's bank cards were later used in various shops to purchase items and at ATMs.

After a national appeal, information was received that Glowacki was at an address in Dudley. He was arrested on 16 March this year.

CCTV footage on National Express buses provided crucial evidence and clearly showed Glowacki targeting elderly, vulnerable victims.

PC Sean Lowe, from Dudley Police, said:

This was a complex investigation involving extensive trawls of CCTV systems to obtain and secure the necessary evidence.

PC Sean Lowe, Dudley Police