Warehouse workers at retail giant Argos are to stage a two-week strike in adispute over job security and terms and conditions.

Up to 1,400 members of Unite at distribution centres in Basildon, Bridgwater, Burton-on-Trent, Heywood and Lutterworth will walk out at 6am on Wednesday.

The union said the workers, who prepare deliveries for Argos stores, fear that a contracting out culture will lead to job losses and a deterioration in their terms and conditions.

A high court judge rejected an application by Argos to stop the strike, saidUnite.

National officer Matt Draper said: "We are deeply disappointed at thebelligerent and aggressive stance Argos has taken.

"Unite had hoped that we could have reached a negotiated settlement when we attended talks at the conciliation service Acas the other week.

"Instead, Argos has sought to use the law to ride roughshod over its workers' concerns and refused to engage positively.

"Our members have legitimate concerns about being transferred to anothercompany or being offered alternative employment on potentially inferior terms, if they are unwilling to travel to a new site."