'Probable' case of Legionnaires disease in Rutland

Public Health England are investigating whether there has been a potential outbreak of Legionnaires disease in Rutland. Credit: PA

Public Health England (PHE) says they along with Rutland County Council, they are investigating a probable case of Legionnaires disease from the Langham area.

Testing is being undertaken to try and identify the source of infection.

In a statement they said:

"Legionnaires’ disease is caused by a type of bacterium, called Legionella that cannot be passed from person to person, but is spread through the air from a water source.

Legionella can be found in many different environments; they can live in all types of water including both natural sources such as rivers and streams, and artificial water sources such as water towers associated with cooling systems, hot and cold water systems and spa pools.

The symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease include a 'flu-like' illness with muscle aches, tiredness, headaches, dry cough and fever, leading on to pneumonia.

Sometimes diarrhoea occurs and confusion may develop. It can be treated with antibiotics."