Teenager jailed for ten years after driving his car at ex-girlfriend's new partner outside Solihull College - knocking down his two friends in the process.

Junaid Haq, 19, left his victims seriously injured after the incident which also saw him speeding into a house in White House Way.

Haq admitted two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm.

Birmingham Crown Court heard Haq, of Flint Green Road, Acocks Green, had used his car ‘as a weapon’ on November 15 last year after becoming angry his ex-girlfriend was dating fellow student Daanyaal Iqbal.

The defendant had made it clear he did not like her seeing another man and had been “stalking” her, said Dean Kershaw, prosecuting:

“He made it clear... that he was going to hurt Mr Iqbal and told her on one occasion he was going to kill him, he had, in fact, been so obsessed... and told other people he was going out with her and that they had sex which they had not.”

Dean Kershaw, prosecuting.

Mr Kershaw said there had been a confrontation at Solihull College between the defendant and Mr Iqbal - with Haq warning “watch what happens.”

After the threat Mr Iqbal left the campus along with friends Daniel Khan and Mohammed Naseem and got as far as White House Way when they heard a revving car behind.

Mr Kershaw said the defendant drove the car at speed in a direct line towards the three men before mounting the pavement and he did not attempt to brake, or to swerve.

There had been a confrontation at Solihull College between the defendant and Mr Iqbal - with Haq warning “watch what happens.” Credit: Google Earth.

Witnesses described hearing the revving of the engine and the men “being thrown completely over the car.”

The vehicle then crashed into the corner of a house, causing structural damage.

Mr Kershaw said Mr Iqbal could have been more seriously injured if Mr Khan had not pushed him out of the way.

Mr Khan suffered fractures to his knees, a broken arm and a mild brain injury while Mr Naseem suffered a fractured rib and vertebrae.

In passing sentence Judge Simon Drew QC told Haq:

“You were in a relationship... which came to an end and you were extremely jealous of anyone who formed a future relationship with her.It transpired that Mr Iqbal became the focus of your anger. You got in your car, found where Mr Iqbal was and mowed him down, not only him but the two men he was with. It was clearly undertaken with furious intent. It must have been terrifying to witness and even more so to be have been the victim of it. There can be no underestimation of the damage caused to these three young men by your actions on that day.”

Judge Simon Drew QC.

Anand Beharrylal, defending, said Haq had been lacking in maturity and judgement and that it had been a “moment of madness.”