Patrols to be stepped-up in Derby during Ramadan celebrations

Police in Derby will be stepping-up patrols to support communities during Ramadan celebrations.

Muslims started fasting for Ramadan last week and the Islamic holy month continues until Sunday June 25.

There are five prayers during the day and the last prayer which will be at 11.00pm and lasts for 1.5hrs.

One of the actions being taken will see additional patrols to take action on the problem of prostitution and kerb crawling late at night.

Officers are also talking to the Muslim community to try and discourage previous anti-social behaviour displayed by some younger members.

In previous years, there have been incidents of cars driven around in an anti-social manner and large groups congregating in car parks making a noise and causing a disturbance late at night.

Police say that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated and they will take action to ensure that all communities feel safe during this time.