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General Election 2017: Midlands Matters - Leicester West

Leicester West is one of three seats in a city that is so well-known as a Labour stronghold it is often referred to as "Red Leicester".

A marginal constituency with a 7000 majority, the Conservatives rank it as 103 on their General Election 2017 hit list.

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  • Population - 102,019.
  • Eligible to vote - 77,262.
  • Labour MP since 1945.
  • 2015: 7,203 Labour majority.
  • Unemployed -10.5 % - double the national average.
  • Highest proportion of social housing in Leicester.

"Diversity Street"

The centre of the seat is the Westcotes, also known as the West End.

The area's Narborough Road, a route which joins the city to the surburbs, is known as "Diversity Street", thought to be the most multi-cultural road in Britain.

As a city Leicester narrowly voted to remain in the EU. Those we spoke to told us Brexit is a key topic for many who live and work in the area.

Credit: ITV News Central

"Traditional working class"

The Braunstone Estate is traditionally one of the most deprived parts of the city. Almost a third of housing is council or housing association owned. The majority speak English as their first language.

In the 90s the area was among the first in the country to benefit from £49.5 million regeneration funding.

Those we spoke to said Brexit wasn't on their agenda. The focus is on budget cuts to the NHS, Policing and better deals for those on low incomes.


  • Liz Kendall, Labour.
  • Jack Hickey, Conservatives.
  • Ian Bradwell, Liberal Democrats.
  • Stuart Young, UKIP
  • Mel Gould, Green.
  • David Bowley, Independent

We have tried to speak to the UKIP candidate Stuart Young for the report above, but we were unable to get hold of him for an interview. UKIP came third in the constituency in 2015. As a party they have pledged to reduce net immigration to zero and also bring our foreign aid spending down and put the savings towards the NHS.

The Green Party are also standing in the seat - their candidate Mel Gould says that Leicester's terrible air pollution needs addressing and that they need better transport options to reduce congestion and the impact on the climate.

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