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Is your mailbox outside? You could be a fraud victim

Residents whose mailbox is external are urged to be vigilant. Photo: PA

Homeowners and tenants who have an external mailbox could be a victim of fraud.

It comes after two men were arrested on suspicion of stealing mail in West Bridfgord, Nottinghamshire.

They have been released pending further enquiries but Nottinghamshire Police are urging residents to remain vigilant.

  • If you see anything suspicious in your area, such as people delivering leaflets or mail but not going to every house, or you think you may have been targeted in this way, please report it to 101 quoting incident 330 of 17 June.

It is believed that offenders have obtained personal details of people with external mailboxes and made fraudulent applications for credit cards.

They have then intercepted the deliveries by filling the mail box with newspapers.

This means that when the post is delivered, it sits on top of the newspapers allowing the mail to be easily retrieved by the criminals who are thought to have been following Royal Mail staff as they conduct their deliveries.

Residents are encouraged to empty their mailbox regularly.