LISTEN: Police release interview with double murderer

Kim Edwards and her boyfriend Lucas Markham carried out the murders in Lincolnshire last year. Credit: Police Photograph.

Earlier this month the Court of Appeal ruled that two teenage killers could be named following their sentencing.

The murder of Elizabeth and Katie Edwards shocked the nation when their daughter and sister, Kim Edwards and her boyfriend Lucas Markham plotted and carried out their murders in their beds as they slept at their home in Lincolnshire last year.

Police previously released an extract of Kim Edward's interview with them following the murders, today they have released that of her boyfriend Lucas.

Kim Edwards described to police the moment she watched her mum die. Credit: Lincs Police.

Investigators heard how the couple had sex, shared a bath and watched Twilight vampire films as they 'revelled' after the killings.

The house in Spalding where the body of Elizabeth and Katie Edwards were found. Credit: ITV Central.

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