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Fire crews deal with blaze at Cleveland Tower

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Fire crews have been dealing with a blaze at a high-rise tower block in Birmingham city centre.

West Midlands Fire Service confirmed that the alarm was raised at Cleveland Tower just before 11.30am on Saturday.

Some residents have reported being alerted to the fire through seeing smoke and not by hearing fire alarms.

Up to four crews - around 20 officers - were at the scene, according to reports on social media.

Video shot inside in the building corridor shows smoke at the time of the fire:

Cleveland Tower resident Mohamud Yassin, 28, who works in investment banking, said:

I was at home on the sixth floor and I didn’t know anything was happening.

I got a phone call from my friend who said there was a fire happening in my building.

I looked out the window and saw all the fire engines.That’s when my intercom rang because a parcel was being delivered.

My wife and I took the emergency stairs, the stairs were wet from the water being used to put the fire out.

There was no one panicking. We know this building is safer because there’s no cladding and two emergency stairs.

I’ve been here three years and never had any problems. We have had reassurances from the council that this building reaches all the safety requirements.

– Cleveland Tower resident, Mohamud Yassin

West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service confirmed the fire began in lobby area on 22nd floor.

Mauro Nojurao, a 50-year-old cleaner who lives on the 20th floor said:

I went to buy some milk around 11am and there was smoke in the lift when I opened it. So I got the stairs. I felt scared.

I told security and they said there was a fire and I had to stay outside.

The firefighters came so quickly and there were lots of residents outside.

I can’t go to my flat because I have to use the stairs and I’ve broken my knee.I will have to wait for the all clear to use the lift.

– Cleveland Tower resident, Mauro Nojurao

There are reports on social media that some residents are allowed to return to tower.

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