Students relocated over cladding concerns in high-rise

These two blocks are potentially clad in flammable material. Credit: Google Street View

Students are being relocated after concerns were raised about a potentially flammable type of cladding.

Two blocks in Heath Town, Wolverhampton, have been found to be clad in a type of aluminium composite material (ACM) which may be flammable, according to MP Emma Reynolds.

Liberty Living - who own the blocks - have confirmed students are being relocated as a precaution and remedial work will begin on the properties as soon as practicable.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Wolverhampton Council said 'a small number of students' are affected because of the summer break and further investigations of the two blocks are taking place.

A spokesperson for the University of Wolverhampton added:

Concerns were first raised by MP Emma Reynolds, who welcomes the announcement students are being relocated.

She added that she will be writing to the Council and to the owners of the building to raise her concerns.

The ACM panels will now be tested to ascertain how combustible they are.

One of the blocks is eight-storeys and the other is 10-storeys high.

A third block on the site is 25-storeys high and is the tallest building in the city.

This block has no ACM cladding panels and the review conducted by the owners has found that this block is considered fully 'fire safe'.