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All you need to know about the A38, Spaghetti Junction and M5 roadworks

Major roadworks are taking place this summer to improve the roads, but speed restrictions and diversions are already causing problems.

What's closed?

The tidal-flow lane of the A38(M) Aston Expressway will be closed for the duration of the work.

There will be three narrow lanes out of the city with a 30mph speed limit.

There's a 24/7 closure of the Gravelly Hill and Tyburn Rd approaches to the A38(M) into city carriageway with diversions in place.

There will be seven weekend closures from 8pm on Friday night until 6am on Monday morning.

Credit: Highways England


Highways England say a £4.7m concrete repair scheme is needed at Spaghetti Junction. Because parts of the M5 and M6 are raised up, work has to be done to keep the structure strong.

How long for?

It'll run until September 4th.

How will I benefit?

It's 45 years old and is used by 200,000 vehicles a day. The work will also make the road surface smoother.

Why now?

It's being done in the summer when the road is quietest.

Credit: Highways England

Highways England say you should plan alternative routes as the M5 work gets underway.

What's happening?

Concrete repairs and waterproofing work at the Oldbury viaduct, between junctions 1 and 2.

How long for?

It finishes in autumn 2018, with some minor work continuing into spring 2019.

What's different?

To keep the M5 open a contraflow system is being put in place. All traffic will be diverted onto the northbound carriageway, with two lanes operating in each direction, along with a 30mph speed limit. Long delays are expected.

Credit: Highways England

What are the diversions?

Motorists travelling from across the country are being asked to consider routes such as the M42 and M6.

To help with this there will be changes at key junctions in the area, including at M6 junction 8 southbound and M5 junction 4a northbound.

Changes include:

· From early July: At the link between the M6 and the M5 southbound, one lane will lead onto the M5, with three lanes continuing onto the M6, to encourage drivers to take the alternative route around Birmingham.

· From mid-July: At M5 junction 4a northbound, the layout will be changed to provide 2 dedicated lanes to the M42 and 2 dedicated lanes to the M5. The link between the M42 and the M5 northbound will also be changed to one lane.

· From mid/late July: The M5 northbound at junction 4a will be further changed to provide one lane to the M5 through the junction while still providing 2 lanes to the M42. The M5 will be reduced to two lanes in each direction at Oldbury / West Bromwich in preparation for the contraflow.

· End of July / start of August: Installation of contraflow on Oldbury viaduct.

Credit: Highways England

Some of the suggested alternative routes for motorists include:

· Southbound M6 traffic north of junction 16 (A500) heading South East use A50 / M1

· Southbound M1 traffic north of junction 23A (A42/M42) heading South West use M69 and A46

· Northbound M1 traffic south of junction 19 (M6) heading North West use M1 / A50

· Westbound A14 traffic east of M1 heading North West use M1 / A50

· Clockwise M25 traffic south of junction 16 (M40) heading North West use M1 / A50

· Northbound M5 south of junction 8 (M50) heading for North Wales use M50 / A49

· Northbound M5 south of junction 9 (A46) for North East use A46