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Gove urges action on most polluted roads

Michael Gove has reportedly listed more tham 80 A-roads and motorways that need to be dealt with. Credit: PA

Air pollution needs to be tackled on roads in the UK’s most polluted roads, the Environment Secretary has said.

Michael Gove's plans reportedly list more than 80 A-roads and motorways, which need anti-pollution measures.

According to The Sun, Mr Gove will allow councils to "consider restrictions on polluting vehicles" and potentially charging for driving on certain roads, but only as a last resort.

Several roads in the Midlands could be subject to restrictions, including:

  • A38 in Birmingham
  • A452 in Birmingham
  • A4400 in Birmingham
  • A52
  • A601
  • A6514

However, the majority of roads on the list as thought to be in London.

It comes as the government is expected to announce a ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles in the UK from 2040.