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Schoolboy wins national award after creating popular dessert van

A 12-year-old boy has won a national award after creating his own business selling desserts out of a van - and it all started as part of a school project.

Abz started his Dessert Van after success in a school project Credit: ITV News Central

Abz Navsarka's Dessert Van has become a local phenomenon in Coventry, because people of all ages have been flocking to get his sweet treats wherever his van rolls up.

Wherever Abz takes his van, he gets queues Credit: ITV News Central

His teacher at Bablake School set his class a challenge to make as much profit from £20 as they could. Abz bought crepes, turned them into full desserts, and sold them for a total of about £200.

It gave the schoolboy a new-found confidence, and with a little help from his parents, an old ice cream van he now has a job for the school holidays.

People vote on social media where they want the van to go next Credit: ITV News Central

The word about Abz's self-styled confectionary has spread across social media, with destinations for his Dessert Van being decided by an online vote. It means there has regularly been long queues wherever he's pulled up.

And that attention has now won him an award - he's scoop a top prize at the English Asian Business Awards, with Young Achiever of the Year.

But this could all just be the start for the youngster, who's already thinking about trademarking his business, and extending it across the country.

Andy Bevan has been along to see what the fuss is all about: