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Birmingham bin strike on hold: What you need to know

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Birmingham's bin strikes have been suspended and here are the answers to some questions you might have:

  • When will my bins be collected?

The council say they are working to determine the best course of action to clear up a backlog of rubbish.

It is still unknown how long it will take, although it has been agreed that a change in the current schedule needs to happen as quickly as possible.

  • What has been agreed?

There will no longer be any redundancy steps in place and the grade 3 posts will be maintained.

Talks will now look to discuss, through the arbitration service ACAS, how bin collections can be improved and what savings can be made.

The union Unite have also agreed to recommend work pattern changes to their members, including the consideration of a 5 day working week.

  • When will a deal be struck?

Birmingham City Council has said the decisions made that sparked strike action, on 27th June, are still in place.

The new measures will not be considered until the council's Special Cabinet Meeting on 24th August 2017. Even then, it is not certain a deal will be reached.

  • How have both parties reacted?

This was the initial reaction from one refuse worker, after he found out the strikes had been suspended:

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said:

The Acas statement in connection with the Waste and Refuse dispute does not represent the council's position until these matters are considered at the council's Special Cabinet Meeting on 24th August 2017 .

The decision on the waste reorganisation taken by Cabinet on 27th June is still the current position of the council.

– Birmingham City Council spokesperson

Unite assistant general secretary, Howard Beckett, paid tribute to Birmingham City Council leader, John Clancy for "stepping forward and showing leadership" during the recent talks.

Mr Beckett also thanked local residents for their support:

  • Will I get a rebate on my Council tax for the lack of collections?

There is a legal obligation to pay Council Tax and it is not paid to fund a particular service.

Birmingham City Council said the cost per household for each weekly collection is about 92p - for all refuse and recycling collections.

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