Fred's famous! 91-year-old goes viral for his birthday

A photo showing a pensioner celebrating his 91st birthday has gone viral after it was shared by people from all over the world.

The picture of Fred Wright, from Burntwood, was put on social media on Monday (14 August).

It shows him enjoying some birthday cake at the St Giles Computer Social Group, which meets at the hospice in Lichfield.

Since the photo was put on social media, it has reached more than £5 million on Twitter, and has been shared by thousands of people on Facebook.

Fred even has his own hashtag #makefredfamous. People from all over the world have been sending him birthday messages.

St Giles Hospice said all the attention has been absolutely wonderful, but completely unexpected.

They said Fred starting using his tablet at 90 and managed to take his first selfie yesterday. It shows you are never too old too learn!