Four-year-old girl prepares to take on charity triathlon

A four-year-old girl is preparing to take on a triathlon for charity.

Effie Bowman, from Castle Gresley, Derbyshire, will tackle a four-mile bike ride, a 200-metre run and a 50-metre swim.

Her mum, Donna Reid, said how proud she is of her energetic daughter.

Donna says her daughter is continually thoughtful, having been keen to donate toys and clothing of her own when she was as young as two.

When Effie was told that her mum had ran triathlons when she was younger she wanted to emulate her achievements and raise money for charity at the same time.

Effie, who is due to start school in September, said:

Effie Bowman is raising money for several local charities. Credit: BPM Media

A target of £550 has been set, which will be split between the YMCA in Burton and St Wystan's School, in Repton, where Effie attended pre-school and will be starting at the main school next month.

The money for the school will go towards building a new outdoor classroom and play area.

Paul Laffey, the chief executive of Burton's YMCA said he is very impressed at the giving attitude from someone so young.

Effie will be doing the running and cycling parts of the triathlon at Hicks Lodge, in Ashby, and will then complete the 50-metre swim at Hood Park Leisure Centre.