Neighbours were left concerned about the safety of the animals inside the property which included two kittens, a hamster and a goldfish.

The animals had been left inside the property for days and neighbours resorted to pushing wet food through the letterbox for the kittens to eat.

Both the RSPCA and the City of Lincoln Council were contacted.

The council put a notice on the door stating the locks had been changed at the property in Coleridge Green, in the St Giles area of the city.

Mark Mynott, who lives next door to the house, said:

They look around six to seven weeks old but no more than 12 weeks.

Mark Mynott

RSPCA attended the property on 23 August.

Assistant Director for housing at City of Lincoln Council, Karen Talbot, said:

City of Lincoln Council housing officers attended the address on Friday, 18 August and discovered it to be unoccupied and unsecured. Steps were taken to change the locks and secure the house.

Karen Talbot, Assistant Director for housing at City of Lincoln Council

The RSPCA were notified and were said to be happy with the plans the council had put in place.

According to Karen Talbot, the pets' owners failed to attend a meeting on 23 August and "arrangements are now being put in place to re-home the animals".