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Flights suspended as plane taxis off runway

Photo: PA Images

Flights into and out of East Midlands Airport were suspended earlier this evening (30th August) after a plane taxied off the runway.

The Eurotans DHL cargo plane was moving on the runway to leave the airport when it ended up in a gravel verge to the side.

A tow truck and the airport's fire crew have been called to the scene to try and pull the plane out of the gravel. No-one has been injured in the incident.

A spokesman for East Midlands Airport said that the runway was not blocked and there is no fire, but flights are unable to come into and out of the airport while the fire crew deals with the situation.

A flight scheduled for Dublin is currently waiting to take off while inbound flights have been instructed to circle above the airport until further notice. An inbound flight has already been diverted to Birmingham International Airport.