Drayton Manor relaxes ban on Sikh ceremonial sword

Drayton Manor has relaxed its ban on ceremonial daggers after a family were turned away earlier this year.

The Staffordshire theme park have now U-turned on their controversial policy and welcome Sikhs wearing the Kirpan.

Together with the Sikh Council UK, the park have devised guidelines which need to be adhered to.

As with any business we continually review and update our policies.

Drayton Manor

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Kirpans should be inspected by staff on arrival at the attraction

  • They should be no more than six inches long

  • Kirpans should be worn securely under clothes, out of sight and difficult to access.

  • They should never be drawn from sheaths and a mechanism ensuring they are not easily drawn should be incorporated

  • Kirpans should be strapped securely to the body to ensure they don’t move about freely during physical activity

It comes after a Sikh children's party were turned away after a man refused to remove his dagger.

This was the family leaving Drayton Manor after refusing to remove the Kirpan back in June. Credit: @thesecretpsych

The Coventry primary school teacher was told by park staff that he could not wear it because of health and safety reasons.

The Kirpan is mandatory for everyone who goes through the Sikh equivalent of baptism, along with four other articles of faith.

Previously, Drayton Manor offered an alternative necklace worn next to their skin in exchange for the Kirpan.