Ex wife loses bid to secure half in divorce battle

Credit: PA

A former air hostess who divorced a millionaire property developer has failed in her bid to secure half of their wealth, following a court battle.

Karen Hart, who's in her 60s, was married to John Hart, in his 80s and the two had lived together in Sutton Coldfield for around 20 years.

The court heard how the couple had began dating when he was 48 and when she was 27.

Mr Hart had been a businessman since his late teens and according to Ms Hart, was "a man of substance" when they moved in together.

Ms Hart was an air stewardess when they met and had "no assets save for a Porsche".

After the couple divorced, Ms Hart was awarded £3.5 million out of a total £9.4 million marital asset kitty.

She argued that the kitty should have been split equally, meaning a total payout to her of around £4.7 million, and mounted a challenge in the Court of Appeal.

But three appeal judges have today ruled against her, following a hearing in London.