Woman jailed after stealing £225k from family business

Deborah Gray stole money from the family business to book three holidays to Cuba. Credit: BPM Media

An account manager who stole £225,000 from a family business has been jailed for two years.

Deborah Gray, who was an account manager at the Leicestershire-based knitwear company, Lux Lux, stole the money over a 13 year period.

During that time, Gray is believed to have bought new cars and booked three separate holidays to Cuba

Gray's actions forced owners of the family business to borrow from the bank and even close friends in order to keep the company afloat.

Deborah Gray used money from the business to book three holidays to the Caribbean island of Cuba Credit: PA

The theft was discovered when Gray left the business in 2015 and her replacement soon spotted irregularities in the accounts.

Its owners, Stephen and Kathy Dealey, also started noticing their business, which has seven employees, suddenly doing a lot better.

Speaking after the case, Kathy Dealey, whose father started the business, said: