Parents banned from parking outside schools to drop off children

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Parents have been banned from parking to drop off or pick up their children outside three Solihull schools.

From the start of term, anyone wishing to take or collect their little ones from Marston Green Infants, Haslucks Green Junior or Oak Cottage Primary Schools will have to find a space elsewhere and walk the rest of the way - or risk being fined.

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For years, residents living near the schools have complained of inconsiderate parking by parents blocking the road and pavements - sometimes stopping across, or even fully on, driveways.

But with the new restrictions coming into force as pupils at Marston Green Infants began their school year today, they said they had already noticed an improvement.

“I personally think it’s a good idea,” Stuart Taylor, who lives a few doors down from the school gate, said.

“We have had a lot of problems, especially with people parking across the drive, on the drive. And people can be really rude - I’ve been told that it’s my fault for living near a school.

“Plus it’s about the safety of the children. It can get really bad.”

“Today is ten times better [than it was],” another resident, Celia Dowell, said.

“It can turn into a car park. We’ve wanted the council to do something for years - it’s fantastic to see it being policed today. I hope that continues and it doesn’t start to creep back to how it was.”

The school’s headteacher, Beverley Elliott, said she too thought the launch of the scheme had been a success.

Parents now have to walk the final leg of the journey to school Credit: ITV News Central

Many parents forced to park elsewhere also appeared to welcome the restrictions, which have been introduced as part of an 18-month pilot.

Even one father, caught out by the change, said he thought it was an improvement.

“Before this, everyone drove - so I did too - just go with the flow,” he said.

“But this is much better, I do think it’s better. I’ll be more careful in future, definitely.”

Not everyone is happy, however.

Even one father caught out by the change said he thought it was a good idea Credit: ITV News Central

Alyson Jones’ son Christian goes to Haslucks Green Junior School - and she said she now has to park on the other side of a busy main road when dropping him off.

Alyson Jones said she's concerned about safety Credit: ITV News Central

Solihull Council’s transport chief, Cllr Ted Richards, said he was keen to hear feedback from anyone affected by the new restrictions - directly or indirectly.

He said they may alter the scheme, or even scrap it altogether, if it proves unpopular.

But if successful, it could be made permanent - or potentially even rolled out to other schools.