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'It's hard, knowing I can't do anything' says mother whose son is in hurricane hit Cuba

Jacqui Nixon is hoping her son and his girlfriend return home soon. Credit: ITV News Central

A mother from Staffordshire whose son is on holiday with his girlfriend in hurricane hit Cuba says her family are terrified for their safety.

Hurricane Irma is the first category five hurricane to hit northern Cuba in decades with wind speeds reaching up to 160mph.

Hurricane Irma along the coast of Cuba. Credit: PA Images

Jacqui Nixon from Staffordshire says it's incredibly hard being at home and not being able to help.

Jacqui was particularly concerned when she couldn't get in touch with her son James or his girlfriend Amy.

However, during filming she managed to get through to him:

Although the couple informed their families that they had now been moved to a more secure hotel overnight, they feel the support they've been given by their travel company Thomas Cook has been "poor".

In response, Thomas Cook said:

We understand that this is a worrying time, both for our customers in resort and friends and family back home watching the news. Communication is difficult and internet and phone access may be cut off completely.

We have an additional 21 members of our special assistance team flying to Cuba over the next 24 hours to offer further support. Please bear with us as we do all that we can to keep our customers safe, comfortable and as well-informed as possible.

– Thomas Cook spokesperson