World record fruit and veg at the Malvern Autumn Show

Kevin Fortey broke the world record for the heaviest Poblano Chilli. Credit: PA

World record fruit and vegetables such as a 0.348 kilogram chilli, have been on display at the Malvern Autumn Show.

The Poblano Chilli, which originates from Mexico, was grown by Kevin Fortey who picked up his second world record after he grew the world's heaviest marrow in 2010, weighing 78 kilograms.

A new record was also set for the world's longest radish which measured 6.703 metres.

Another chilli set a new world record too, as Ian Neale's Elephants Ear Chilli, weighing 0.306 kilograms, broke the previous record for that species of chilli.

A new European record was also set by Peter Marson's 1.758 metre long Tromboncino Squash.

The Malvern Autumn Show continues until Sunday afternoon with more nature-inspired events, from question and answer sessions on how to prepare from spring gardening, to an audience with Carol Klein.