Severn Trent issue 'no drinking water warning'

Severn Trent Water has issued a warning to customers in the Tenbury Wells area of Worcestershire. Credit: PA.

Severn Trent Water has issued a warning to customers in the Tenbury Wells area of Worcestershire not to drink their water supply.

A water pipe has burst in the area and the company says a very small amount of floodwater may have gone back into the pipe. The repair to that pipe has now been completed.

The utility firm say it affects residents in the WR15 8 postcode or the SY8 4AU postcode.

They are advising customers affected not to use the water for drinking, preparing food or brushing their teeth but that it may still be used for bathing and flushing the toilet, with special care when bathing children and babies.

Free bottled water is being provided for those people in the affected areas. This is available to be collected from the car park of Tenbury Community Hospital and from the car park of Tenbury Swimming Pool.

Severn Trent has apologised for the inconvenience.

A full list of the affected post codes can be found below:

  • WR15 8AA WR15 8AB WR15 8AE WR15 8AH WR15 8AL WR15 8AQ WR15 8AR WR15 8AZ WR15 8BA WR15 8BB WR15 8BE WR15 8BF WR15 8BG WR15 8BH WR15 8BJ WR15 8BL WR15 8BP WR15 8BQ WR15 8BS WR15 8BT WR15 8BU WR15 8BW WR15 8BX WR15 8BY WR15 8BZ WR15 8DA WR15 8DB WR15 8DD WR15 8DE WR15 8DF WR15 8DG WR15 8DH WR15 8DJ WR15 8DL WR15 8DN WR15 8DP WR15 8DQ WR15 8DR WR15 8DS WR15 8DU WR15 8DW WR15 8DX WR15 8DY WR15 8EA WR15 8EB WR15 8ED WR15 8EE WR15 8EF WR15 8EG WR15 8EH WR15 8EJ WR15 8EL WR15 8EP WR15 8EQ WR15 8ER WR15 8ES WR15 8ET WR15 8EU WR15 8EW WR15 8EX WR15 8EY WR15 8EZ WR15 8FA WR15 8FB WR15 8FE

  • WR15 8GB WR15 8GE WR15 8HB WR15 8HJ WR15 8HS WR15 8HT WR15 8HU WR15 8HX WR15 8HY WR15 8HZ WR15 8LE WR15 8NH WR15 8PF WR15 8PW WR15 8QE WR15 8QF WR15 8QZ WR15 8RA WR15 8RH WR15 8RJ WR15 8RQ WR15 8SF WR15 8SG WR15 8TA WR15 8TN WR15 8TP WR15 8TR WR15 8TZ WR15 8UD WR15 8WP WR15 8XA WR15 8XX WR15 8YP WR15 8YX WR15 8ZJ WR15 8ZY SY8 4AU WR15 8DD WR15 8EJ WR15 8EL WR15 8EN WR15 8EW WR15 8FDWR15 8GB WR15 8GD WR15 8PH WR15 8PN WR15 8PW WR15 8RG WR15 8TA WR15 8TB WR15 8TD WR15 8TE WR15 8TF WR15 8TG WR15 8TH WR15 8TJ WR15 8TL WR15 8TQ WR15 8TW

  • WR15 8AG WR15 8AH WR15 8AJ WR15 8AL WR15 8AN WR15 8AP WR15 8AR WR15 8AS WR15 8AT WR15 8AU WR15 8AW WR15 8AX WR15 8AY WR15 8DT WR15 8DZ WR15 8HA WR15 8HD WR15 8HE WR15 8HF WR15 8HG WR15 8HH WR15 8HQ WR15 8HS WR15 8LA WR15 8LB WR15 8LD WR15 8LE WR15 8ND WR15 8NE WR15 8NF WR15 8NG WR15 8NQ WR15 8PE WR15 8QF WR15 8RB WR15 8RD WR15 8SZ WR15 8UB WR15 8UD.