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"It was so loud": Former Coventry City player caught up in Vegas shooting

People running from the country music festival in Vegas Credit: PA

A former Coventry City player has described the scene unfolding on the Vegas strip from the hotel where a suspect gunman was killed by police.

Officials said at least 50 people including off-duty police officers were killed and more than 200 other people injured after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

Kirk Stephens, 62, is staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, located just across from the music festival, for his wife Karen’s 60th birthday.

Kirk, a former CCFC defender, described the scene from their room on the 26th floor, where they have been on lockdown for the last four hours.

Kirk Stephens was located in a hotel just across from the music festival in Vegas Credit: BPM media

Kirk said:

We were looking out of our window directly to where the crowds were, just listening to the music.

We heard what we thought were fire crackers, but it was so loud, it sounded like it came from the hotel.

I said to Karen, that’s not fireworks it’s too close, that’s gun shots. Everyone below just scattered and started running.

– Kirk Stephens

Concert-goers reported seeing muzzle flashes from the upper floors ofthe Mandalay Bay Hotel and hearing what they described as automatic gunfire.

Witnesses said they saw multiple victims as they fled the gunfire raining down on the concert venue.

One of many Police roadblocks around the Route 91 Harvest country music festival Credit: PA

Kirk praised the response from the emergency services, who arrived at the scene shortly after.

The couple, who live in Nuneaton, have been coming to Vegas for the last 20 years and are regulars at Mandalay Bay:

The police response was amazing. Within minutes there were police cars and ambulances on the scene.

We’ve never experienced anything like this in all our years of coming here. The Strip has always felt like a really safe place.

It really is a sad sad time. These young people were all dressed up in their gear for a good night and something like this happens.

It’s tragic that these young people have been killed and injured, our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

– Kirk Stephens

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