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Key information about impact of Monarch administration on Birmingham Airport

Key information about impact of Monarch administration on Birmingham Airport Credit: ITV News Central

Birmingham Airport has released some key information about the administration of Monarch, and how it will impact the airport.

Monarch has been a partner airline of Birmingham Airport for many years, carrying 1.5 million passengers annually. It was Birmingham’s third largest carrier and based ten aircraft at the Airport.

The airport are now in discussions with other airlines to try and fill the gap left by Monarch’s Birmingham operation.

Here are some key questions and answers about the impact of the Monarch administration on Birmingham Airport:

  • How many employees does the company employ at Birmingham?Monarch’s Birmingham airline operation supports around 500 jobs directly.
  • How many flights a day did Monarch operate? Monarch operated approximately 40 flights a day – in and out.
  • How many passengers did they carry a day? On average 5,000 passengers were carried by the airlines daily through Birmingham.
  • How many people are due to travel from Birmingham this week?Approximately 18,500 were due to depart this week.
  • What is the financial impact on Birmingham Airport? We cannot disclose any commercially sensitive information.
  • Will ATOL protected customers booked with Monarch get a refund? Anyone who has booked a Monarch ATOL protected holiday will be ATOL protected. They should visit
  • Will none ATOL protected customers get a refund for a lost flight?Customers who booked flights direct with Monarch Airlines are not ATOL protected. If they paid by credit or debit card, they may be able to claim that money back from the card issuer. If they had travel insurance they may be able to claim from their insurer.
  • Is Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd affected? We understand that Monarch Engineering is not affected.

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