A wooden panel which struck and killed a pedestrian during a storm was blown around "like a piece of paper" for up for 20 seconds, an inquest has heard.<

Jurors were told the section of a water tank cover - similar in size to a dining table - hit Tahnie Martin after falling from the roof of a six-storey building during Storm Doris last February.<

Ms Martin, a 29-year-old university worker from Stafford, was pronounced dead near Wolverhampton's Mander Centre shopping centre after suffering head injuries.

The inquest was told Ms Martin was walking with Wolverhampton University's head of marketing, Raman Sarpal, who was knocked to the ground and treated for a leg injury.

Ms Sarpal then saw her friend being given CPR as she was tended to by retired doctor.

The inquest, being heard in Oldbury, is expected to last for up to five days.