Police force introduces baby boxes for all new parents

Lincolnshire Police is introducing baby boxes for all new parents who work at the force. The idea came about after one their front line officers became pregnant.

The Officer found that following the announcement, the restricted duties she was placed on was inconsistent with some of her colleagues.

A small working group was then established to educate and train all supervisors and line managers, to ensure that staff still feel valued in their role whilst pregnant.

The force is now confident that when a member of police staff, officer or volunteer announces they are pregnant, that managers will react positively.

DCI Suzanne Davies explained:

The idea that every baby will receive an identical box, regardless of circumstance, has long been in place in Finland and was recently introduced in Scotland.

The box contains some baby essentials such as baby grows and muslins, as well some personalised Lincolnshire Police items, but also provides a safe place for each baby to sleep should the parents choose to use this option.

Kate Rogers, HR Advisor said: