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Exercise classes for people with dementia launched at university

People taking part in the new exercise class Credit: ITV News Central

Currently around 850,000 people have dementia in the UK.

For many diagnosed with the disease it often means an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, leading to further health complications such as loss of balance, and a drop in fitness levels.

Now staff at the University of Nottingham have launched an exercise class designed to help people with the disease stay fit and active.

People taking part in the new exercise class Credit: ITV News Central

It is carried out under the supervision of trained physiotherapists and fitness instructors. The aim is to prevent those diagnosed with the disease slipping into a sedentary lifestyle.

The class involves various types of physical activity designed to improve strength, balance and fitness.

Carers can also choose whether to take part or use the time to have a break.

Vivian Leake taking part in the exercise class Credit: ITV News Central

Vivian Leake (in the picture above) is in the early stages of dementia.

She and her daughter, Margaret, have been coming to the exercise class for several weeks. Both think it has made a big difference.

The class has only been running a few weeks, but staff at the university say they are already seeing signs of improvement in overall fitness levels.