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Jeremy the snail who struggled to find love has died

The incredibly rare snail named Jeremy - whose shell spiralled from left to right has died - it has been announced.

He lived at the University of Nottingham who were doing research into his genetic mutation.

They originally put out an appeal for people to look in their gardens for female "lefty" snails so he could breed.

They wanted to see if there could be a link between the rare snail and the left and right sides of human bodies and brains.

But his love story has been beset by disaster as two of the snails who were found for him ended up mating with each other!

Jeremy the snail ends up in love triangle

Credit: University of Nottingham

Then just last week 56 babies were finally born - a third of which are thought to have been fathered by him.

But in a tragic twist of fate - he passed away shortly after their birth.

The babies all have right coiling shells, proving that in the case of these mutant snails, two lefts make a right - at least in the second generation.

Credit: University of Nottingham

Dr Angus Davison, who looked after Jeremy said,

This may be the end for Jeremy, but now that the snail has finally produced offspring, this is a way point in our long term research goal to understand the genetics of body asymmetry.

Ultimately, we would like to know why these snails are so rare, but also how the left and right sides of the body are signalled at the molecular level, and whether a similar process is taking place during human development.

– Dr Angus Davison, University of Nottingham

Jeremy’s shell has been preserved for the University’s natural history collection.