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Time running out for mother dependent on antibiotics

A woman from Rugby who has been taking antibiotics since she was four-years-old says she is running out of time in her fight against antibiotic-resistance.

Emily Morris claims to have used all available antibiotics to treat eight 'superbugs' in her lifetime and needs a new type of drug to be developed if she is to stay alive.

It comes after England's chief medical officer warned there could be a "post-antibiotic apocalypse" if action is not taken now.

A 'superbug' is the name given to strains of bacteria that are resistant to several types of antibiotics.

They have become an increasing problem in recent years, as more and more people use antibiotics to treat illness.

It's estimated that drug-resistant infections could kill 10 million people a year by 2050 and Emily Morris says the problem can't be ignored any more:

It's going to kill more than cancer by 2050 yet the support isn't there.

You look at all the research and funding that goes towards fighting cancer but then if you think about the resistance to antibiotics and these superbugs there's only one charity, which is trying to fight the problem.

– Emily Morris